HGH Deficiency in Men

During our childhood, each of our body parts needs proper growth. However, in many cases, Growth Hormone that brings about this development, do not function well at specific stages of life. It means that a man may suffer from the lack of GH. And this growth hormone deficiency in males is treated with a kind of therapy, which is known to our experienced doctors.

Growth hormone deficiency in males. How it affects organism?

Almost one out of seven thousand births have problem of GHD. This syndrome becomes the cause of many genetic disorders, such as, Turner disease. Your concern may grow, while your kids are not gaining the proper weight and height at their age. While this condition is not treated, it can lead to shorter height and late puberty. However, growth hormone deficiency becomes visible not only to the children, but also to a grown-up man.

In case of an adult man, a deficiency of growth hormone is mainly because of serious impact on pituitary gland. However, this damage may occur in adulthood or childhood. While there are issues on pituitary gland and HGH production is hampered, it can happen for the presence of tumor. Tumor damages your gland and cause several effects.

Causes behind HGH deficiency in men may vary significantly. For kids, pituitary gland problems occur mainly with those, who have cleft lips. If there is no growth hormone deficiency in males since birth, then the possible cause is brain tumor. Such tumor is found near hypothalamus. However, in adult males and kids, serious injuries in heads, radiation therapy and infection are the reasons, which trigger HGH deficiency symptoms.

Symptoms to detect deficiency of HGH

Many of the teens, who have GHD, feel low self-confidence because of the delays in physical development, for example, short physique and slow maturity rate. While the women experience improper breast development, young guys’ voices do not get modified at good rate. In addition to it, low strength of bones is also one of the signs of growth hormone deficiency in males. It may cause the bones to get fractured easily, particularly, if you have become older. People, who have not enough GH, feel exhausted, and they are also highly sensitive to extreme temperature. Besides, higher level of fat is created not just for improper diet or food habits, but for the metabolic changes, due to low HGH. Thus, it can increase the risk of diabetes. In short, the GHD cause the symptoms, like:

  • Flabbiness
  • Reduced energy or strength
  • Declining condition of overall health
  • Thinning of skin and also dryness
  • Low strength and mass in muscle
  • Depression, anxiety and moods

How our physicians treat GH deficiency?

Our doctors are skilled enough to prescribe the most suitable therapy for your GHD. A dedicated physician always works with the target of increasing the growth as well as in restoring the energy and normal composition of body. In many cases, our doctors can prescribe somatropin, which is usually injected beneath the fat, present in a man’s skin.

However, in serious instances, when there is pituitary tumor, surgical process is accomplished. Besides, another modern therapy, used by our physicians, is radiation treatment. This is the right option for those, who have risk in removing tumor safely. Moreover, our endocrinologists are also ready to provide you with follow-up treatment for HGH deficiency symptoms. Before starting any therapy, our experts will test your blood to know whether you have normal amount of HGH in your body. But, this hormone level may change at any time of a day. So, to make proper diagnosis, the physicians also test out the function of thyroid and kidney, and it helps them to know how your body is generating hormone.

Our specialists have enough knowledge on HGH

Our physicians, who make out HGH deficiency symptoms, have specialized in the relevant field. Their prescribed HGH helps you in restoring the young look and efficiency. You may have a consultation with any of our doctors about HGH deficiency in men. As our physicians are conscious of the risks, associated with the therapies, they treat you carefully. So, rely on our proficient and experienced endocrinologists to get rid of GH deficiency syndrome.