HGH levels in men

You have perhaps seen that many actors, whose actual age is 50 years, look like young men of thirty years. Some people think that this youthful appearance is possible due to some genetic factors. However, the truth is that most of the actors and actresses, visit the clinics to undergo HGH treatment. Reduced facial wrinkles, boosted energy, low fat and increased sexual instinct – these are some prominent results of therapy, received by celebrities and sportsmen.

HGH levels in men – It’s important to have accurate measurement

Many men, who have especially reached their mid 30s, are highly obsessed to gain a younger look. They want to have the glow, which is found in the man of twenty years. Thus, if you have also such obsession, you may talk to doctors to understand whether your HGH is present in proper amount. Only our experts have the proficiency to find out HGH levels in males.

Call our endocrinologists to detect HGH levels in men by age

We know that it is too difficult for any common man to assess the right level of HGH Levels in men by age. So, our doctors are happy to help you in detecting your present HGH amount and the possibility of deficiency. HGH flows through bloodstream very fast, and that is why it is too hard to make out the accurate level of this hormone. Rather than depending on any wrong measurement of HGH levels, it is better to speak to our physicians.

Our specialists determine the concentration of IGF-1 because it is quite comparable to GH. However, the only exception is that this substance stays in your blood after the process of secretion. According to our doctors, the average range of IGF-1 varies 500 to 1000ng for every milliliter. And with the decrease of HGH levels in males, this IGF-1 may also get reduced in due course.
All our doctors initiate the therapy only after testing HGH levels in men by age. Thus, you may anticipate the best results from the treatment, offered by our physicians.

HGH for males, who are more than thirty

At this age, you have a little decline of energy because the growth of muscles needs more workouts. You will perhaps have the problem of extra fat near your waist. Besides, your hairs can also turn out to be gray. Some men also experience a decrease in sexual drive. In most cases, HGH level of men of this age is about 400 ng /ml. If your hormone amount is lower than it, you need clinical treatment, recommended by our doctors.

HGH for men whose age is over forty years

Endurance level and energy may keep on getting reduced at this period. Besides, loss of muscles can affect your potency or strength. Your look will lose its beauty due to receding hairline as well as reduced elasticity of skin. Moreover, sleeping problems and forgetfulness are common in most of the men. All these issues may be alleviated with injection of growth hormone by our doctors. Our physicians start their therapy, if the HGH amount is not normal, i.e. 300 ng/ml or less than this amount.

HGH for those, who crossed fifty years

Weariness and insomnia are some known problems at this period. While you have floppy skin, waning eyesight, increased weight and thinner hair, you may have an appointment with our doctors. For any man over fifty, the level of GH becomes almost 200 ng/ ml.

Growth Hormone for males over sixty

This is the main stage when men often feel frustration because of inadequate energy. Productivity at the workplace is also reduced. Thus, if your HGH is 100 ng/ ml or less than it, you have to consult physicians.

Let our doctors determine HGH Levels in men by age. However, they consider not only the GH level but also the gender, age and overall physical condition of the patients before recommending treatment. So, you will have no risk in having our therapy for improving the amount of HGH. Do not leave your HGH deficiency untreated because it may cause obesity, dementia, osteoporosis and heart issues. Our calculation of HGH helps us to decide on the right dosage.