HGH Side effects on Men

Hormones, generated by various glands in our body, are intended to control diverse physical function, such as growth, metabolism, reproduction, mood and sexual activity.  While your body loses its capacity to turn out enough level of hormone, the specific functions may also get declined. The hormone, which triggers your growth, is HGH, and like other chemicals or hormones of your body, its amount also gets decreased. So, our doctors may treat you with HGH injections and some other innovative processes. However, there’re few instances that show the risk of infusing the hormone.

Does HGH lead to any negative effect?

Though HGH is applied to make everyone vibrant, some people are concerned about the thought that growth hormone is an unsafe steroid component. While considering HGH side effects men’s health, it is to be noted that there’s always some difference of synthetic GH and natural hormone. Somatropin, an artificially produced hormone, is injected through HRT, and in some cases, it causes adverse effects.

If you inject yourself with this synthetic hormone, you may have considerable risks. So, you can take the help of our endocrinologists, who add the right amount of hormone to your body. No matter, whether you are a young person or an aged man, taking the injection, there’re fewer possibilities of having negative effects. For instance, the pituitary gland may turn out to be little inactive due to the HGH side effects male. HGH injections supply the required hormone to your body, and thus, the gland is not needed to discharge natural GH in its own way. However, it should be observed the stoppage of such applications lead to rebound impact. You can also lose all the gained benefits from an injection. Usually, the adverse effects, which are sometimes, caused due to GH, are-

  • Carpal Tunnel

Anterior view of wrist portals for a Carpal Tunnel Release: Endoscopic procedure

This syndrome makes you feel some numbness, itchiness and pain mainly in hand because of the strain on the nerve, present in the wrist. Though obesity or other disorders cause this symptom, it is one of the HGH side effects male need to know. In mild cases, the symptoms are realized only on forearm and hand; however, if the condition is serious, you may feel discomfort in your shoulder as well. When you are trying to grip something with your wrist, you can experience the problem because of the numbness. Besides, occasional pain is also felt near the elbow portion also.

  • Edema

This condition is also included in the list of HGH side effects in males. You’ll have swelling with this syndrome, and it can affect only a small portion of your body or the vast one. Edema occurs while the blood vessels turn out to be porous and discharge body fluid to adjacent tissues. Accumulation of fluid causes swelling of your tissues. If the allergic condition is very serious, it may affect different parts of your arm. Again, edema in legs causes your legs to become heavy, while the pulmonary one leads to breathing problems. However, with our doctors’ careful dosage, you may not face these HGH side effects male.

  • Joint pain

Joints are the links of all bones, and they give support to a human being. So, when joints are having problems due to HGH side effects in males, there may also be some trouble in movement. Joint ache can range from mild irritation to the serious one. If any such pain is felt because of HGH side effects men’s health, it is better to contact our doctors to adjust the dosage.

  • Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is also another negative effect, which causes large breasts, especially in males, which can be very vexing. To remove excessive tissue, sometimes surgery is needed.
Steps for avoiding the undesirable effects

Our doctors help in preventing HGH side effects men’s health by dividing the overall daily dosage on two to three injections. It enables your body to track natural biorhythm, related to the secretion of HGH. Besides, you have to drink water in huge amount and control the intake of salt. Avoid using diuretics as far as possible, and these are some measures for keeping away negative effects

Thus, though there are possibilities of HGH side effects in males, our physicians may give you the right advice to avert those results. We help you to keep up the normal mechanism of your body.