HGH Deficiency in Women

You know that we need growth hormone to attain a good height or stature up to a particular age. However, after becoming adult, we still require HGH in proper amount. This hormone works as protein and makes our muscles much healthy. The function or efficiency of brain is also controlled by this hormone. Thus, when the balance of this GH gets disturbed, you experience several problems. Besides, diagnosing the Growth Hormone Deficiency is the toughest process. In many cases, the symptoms of the hormonal deficiency are developed very slowly. However, we’ve best physicians to deal with all the cases of HGH deficiency in women.

Possibilities of GHD of a woman

There may be different reasons behind growth hormone deficiency in females. In some instances, we have seen that hormone production is affected because of an impact on hypothalamus. However, your shortage of GH may start in your adulthood or childhood. No matter, when you have problems of hormone, you can have a direct consultation with doctors, who have specialized in HGH deficiency in women.

Symptoms and signs of GHD

It is sometimes hard to make out growth hormone deficiency in females without any professional diagnostic process. Women, who have deficiency in HGH, may have a reduction of their energy and low patience for workouts. Some also want to keep away from friends and other people in the society. Many others also have low interest in sexual activities. Often, such feelings make people feel that these are normal, and there is no deficiency of hormone in their body. However, after receiving HGH therapy, they are able to realize significant improvements. Thus, our treatment may also enable you in increasing your efficiency and competence level. Standard of your lifestyle will also be improved at a considerable rate.

To say in short, growth hormone deficiency in females becomes obvious with following symptoms-

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Tiredness
  • Decreased function of sexual organs
  • Less stamina, capability and potency
  • Low bone density
  • More fat accumulation in the areas, which are close to waist

Whenever you have these symptoms, you may contact our experts for HGH deficiency in women.

Diagnosis and treatment for GHD

Our experts will conduct some tests in order to become sure about growth hormone deficiency in females. Since the HGH of blood may be slightly low for any normal person, it may not confirm the deficiency. So, our physicians go for a stimulation check, which may cause the discharge of HGH to blood. They measure the sample of blood just after giving stimulation. For healthy women, HGH in blood may get increased, while the stimulation has been provided. On the other hand, while you haven’t deficiency syndrome, this does not happen.

Some of the stimulants, applied by our physicians, are insulin, clonidine and arginine.

All our doctors are expert at dealing with endocrine glands and the possible disorders, related to it. They have detailed knowledge of the chemicals or hormones, produced by these glands. Thus, to have accurate diagnosis of GHD, you can speak to our experts. Just undergo some tests, suggested by our experienced doctors, and we provide you with the right results from the assessment process.

The most common tests, which are usually done, include-

  • TSH- In order to evaluate the role of thyroid
  • IGF-1- This is an indirect determination of HGH
  • Electrolytes- Determine salt and water amount

In addition to it, you require scanning your brain, which presents a good image of that portion with computer technology and X-rays. HGH deficiency in women is curable.
So, maintain the right balance of your growth hormone, by taking HGH products.