HGH levels in Women

Hormones control the functioning of the brain, reproduction system and also the metabolism of any female body. So, the balance of all hormones is highly important, and if there is imbalance constantly, a woman may experience several problems. If you feel menopause, insomnia, increasing weight, lack of memory and some other diseases, it is not good to delay your hormonal therapy. After thirty, these syndromes may appear in your body. And it is mainly the lack of growth hormone, which causes all these negative impacts on your physical system. Lots of women have got benefits from our hormone treatment, done with the most effective process.

However, what should be the normal or accepted HGH levels in women? If you do not know the answer to this question, you may not be able to determine whether you’re the right candidate for HGH therapy. We’ve experienced hormone specialists to make out growth hormone levels in women. Our service is not limited just to the detection of the amount of HGH. Our professionals provide you with proper treatment to increase the present HGH level of your body. They apply the most accurate process for calculating HGH levels women.

HGH levels in women – It declines with increase of age

Usually, growth hormone levels in women start to get decreased after crossing twenty or twenty-five. Though this GH has an important function to keep up the right body weight, in most of the cases, the increase of fat in thigh and abdomen is caused because of changes in hormone. In addition to it, some of these modifications take place at the time of menopause. Pituitary gland also does not form hormone in enough amount, and you find problem in retaining the flexibility of skin. We are expert at balancing HGH levels women and save everyone from osteoporosis or other disorders.  No matter whether you’ve deficiency of HGH, it is better to be aware of your hormone by undergoing some tests, recommended by our doctors.

IGF-1 – Main factor to calculate HGH

Our physicians have observed that HGH is usually secreted just after your workouts or during the initial stage of your sleep. And this hormone is visible in your blood only for some minutes. So, our experts know that it’s quite hard to calculate HGH levels in women. However, there is another alternative to have the diagnosis. Our body transforms some hormone into IGF-1, which exists in blood for more than twenty-four hours. We take a specimen of your blood and evaluate IGF-1 that is the main indicator for your HGH.

The level of IGF-1 for any adult female is maximum 450 ng /ml. However, those, who are more than fifty, often have abnormal amount of IGF-1 (i.e. 200 ng/ml or lower than it).

If you are young and the level of GH is very high, the measurement of IGF-1 is almost 600 to 800 ng for every milliliter. On the other hand, the normal amount for women under forty is 250 ng /ml. Thus, with the knowledge of average growth hormone levels in women of all ages, our doctors prescribe you right medications.

Our process of measuring your growth hormone

You do not need to have any special requirement or preparation before going through our test on growth hormone. Our doctors will inform you on the prescription drugs to be taken by you. Amount of HGH in the blood may change very fast, and thus, our experts often want you to provide multiple blood specimens on diverse times. However, the level of your IGF-1 alters very slowly, and we consider it in our foremost test.

Our health care experts, who draw blood from your body, at first, wrap around a band on your arm for stopping blood flow. After cleaning the site of the needle, they inject it to your vein. They fill their tube with your blood and place some cotton on the specific site after removing the needle.

However, we do not recommend this test for those, who are taking the medications, like insulin, corticosteroid and estrogen. It is also not suitable if your blood sugar is very low. The result of tests for these patients cannot be much helpful.

Thus, make contact with our physicians, who know the proper way of knowing HGH levels in women.