Side Effects of HGH Therapy

Deficiency of growth hormone may be highly frustrating because of several unpleasant symptoms. That is why many people look for hormone replacement treatment for dealing with deficiency of HGH. But, sometimes, you can also find the instances, where people have complained about minor side effects of HGH therapy.

An experienced HRT specialist is always aware not only of the positive results of therapy but also of common side effects. With the right diagnosis, the doctors try to help their patients so that there may not be any


Improper amount of glucose after having HGH

In some cases, the recipients of HGH therapy develop diabetes after they use injections of pills. But, it occurs only in rare instances. In fact, this is the main concern for bodybuilders or sportsmen, who are taking the injection only for the professional purpose. They perhaps have no deficiency in the level of growth hormone, and so, they want the therapy for building muscles or growing strength.

The physicians will observe blood sugar carefully to make sure if you have any risky issue. So, speak to your HRT expert to have the therapy, only if you need it.

Gynecomastia and its symptoms

A man, using HGH injections, sometimes have gynecomastia. With such HGH hormone replacement therapy side effects, the breast size may get enlarged. It means that the tissues in their breast have a growth. It results in an improper balance of testosterone and estrogen.

Men, who are more than fifty, have more possibilities to experience this disorder, no matter whether they have gone through HRT with growth hormone supplement. It crops up because of the natural modifications of the amount of hormone. Higher fat in the body may also cause the issue, and the retention of fat is also related to HGH deficiency. In addition to HGH, many other medications lead to gynecomastia.

While the cause of your gynecomastia is the high dosage of HGH products, your doctors may decrease this dosage to reverse changes.

Carpal Tunnel

While you have carpal tunnel, the foremost feelings that you may have are joint ache. Do not think this pain to be the effect of arthritis. However, you have to make out the stress on the nerve, which can cause the complicated problem. Though it is a rare negative effect, you need to careful, when you have some symptoms, like weakness, numbness, tingling and damage to muscles. You can feel the signs on your fingers or hand, and at this point, you may instant contact HGH therapy for lowering or controlling your dosage.


This is an excessive fluid retention in soft tissues. Though this is thought to be a possible effect of growth hormone, it happens only when you have taken a very high dosage. Doctors may often prescribe a low dosage at the initial phase of therapy because they know about the risk of edema.

Retention of fluid may make you feel that your pants and shoes are getting very tight. So, these HGH therapy side effects may be one of the concerns of HGH therapy recipients.

Doctors’ prescribed growth hormone

Most of the HRT experts have a view that cancer patients must keep away from growth hormone therapy. Besides, you may need to consider that you don’t have any sensitivity to the components, which are incorporated in HGH injection. Another thing, which is often advised by doctors, is that HGH supplements cannot be taken along with some other medications. So, no matter whether you are taking a low or high dosage of GH, you need to have a consultation with doctors to get therapy safely.